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Controller for electric bicycle 36V 250W

Product Code: EB004
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Controller EB004 is designed for 3 phase 120 degree mostly  bicycle and similar motors. This controller is designed for operation in 36 volt system. This controller cannot be used for   single phase ( 2 wire ) motor systems.

Wire connection:

1. Red and black (larger diameter) - to battery.

2. Yellow, blue, green (larger diameter without connector block) - phase wires to motor. Connect by the color.

4. Thin yellow, blue, green, red +5V, black (5 wire connector block) - to hall sensors inside the motor.

5. Thin black, white, red/black - to throttle. If the controller is operating normally, there should be a constant 4.2 V voltage between black and red color wires. White wire voltage level should differ from 0,8 to 4,2 volts in proportion to the throttle handle turning position. If there's a constant +4,2 volt voltage between the red and the black wire but if the white wire voltage is not changing when turning the throttle it means that the throttle handle is broken. Please note -sometimes the manufacturers change the wire arrangement inside the connector blocks. Check if the wire colors match before connecting.

6. Brown black (sometimes it's red blue) - to the key switch.

The aforementioned wires are sufficient for the system to function. Other wires do not have to be connected - they are designed for supporting functions. Their count may differ depending on the controller model.

7. Orange purple - to dashboard indicator.

8.  Black, red, blue   - PAS ( Pedal assist system). This connection connects to the pedal revolution sensor. By European law an electric bicycle must move with pedal support. Without this connection the bicycle will go with turned throttle only without the support from the pedals.

9. Two grey wires with black connector at the back - these are for the controller training. The controller needs to identify the motor because it is designed to be used with various motors. Before connecting, remove motor load, disconnect hall sensor wires - raise the wheel and take off the chain. Connect the ends of the grey wires and turn on the power supply. ( Important- first connect the ends of the grey wires and only then turn on the power supply) - after 2 or 3 seconds the motor will start turning. If it is turning in the correct direction, disconnect the white wires and turn off the power supply. If the wheel is turning in the opposite direction, disconnect the grey wires for 2-3 seconds and connect them back - the motor will start turning in the opposite direction. (In some controller modifications two white wires are used for speed limiting- Cruise control).

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